You can select a language from the drop-down menu on the left. If you click on the small keyboard icon, a virtual keyboard of the selected language will pop up. You can type in all characters of the selected language by clicking on it with your mouse as well as by using your real keyboard. You can close the virtual keyboard by clicking on the Accept button below or by clicking elsewhere outside of the virtual keyboard. Words or word segments can also be entered into the search field. You can send your query by clicking on the Search button.

Source and target language words can also be entered into the search field. Searching for a source language word, you will receive all of its translation equivalents in all target languages, and vice versa: if you enter a target language word, you will get all translation equivalents in the source languages.

As a result, you will receive all words matching the entered query, with its translation equivalents and the ISO language code, the part of speech tag and the IPA transcription (except of Northern Saami words) for each. Resolution of language codes will pop up when moving the cursor above them, and the codes are also listed on this site below. The resulted translation equivalents are listed in alphabetical order based on their languages code. Results in the same language are also listed alphabetically. The resulted translation equivalents are clickable links: by clicking them, you get a list of translation equivalents, quite like in the case of a simple search. The list of the part of speech tags and their resolution is available on this site below.

We use ISO 639-3 language codes for the individual languages:

eng English
fin Finnish
hun Hungarian
koi Komi-Permyak
kpv Komi-Zyrian
mhr Meadow Mari
mrj Hill Mari
rus Russian
sme Northern Saami
udm Udmurt

The list of the part of speech tags we use:

A adjective
ABBR abbreviation
ADV adverbial
CC conjunction
Det determiner
Interj interjection
N noun
NPl plural form noun
Num number
OrdNum ordinal number
Pcle particle
Po postposition
Pr preposition
Pron pronoun
Prop proper noun
Sem/Fem female name
Sem/Human person name
Sem/Mal male name
Sem/Plc place name
V verb