Sister projects

The Academy of Finland and the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund launched a joint call in 2012 in the field of linguistics and closely related disciplines with the theme The changing linguistic scenery in Finno-Ugric speech communities and its impact on society and culture. Along with us, there were three applicants funded, with whom we cooperated as sister projects:

Computational tools for the revitalization of endangered Finno-Ugric minority languages (FinUgRevita)

ID: FNN 107883
project leader: Anna Fenyvesi
hosting organization: University of Szeged
duration: 01.09.2013–31.01.2018

Multilingual Practices in Finno-Ugric Communities

ID: FNN 107793
project leader: Márta Csepregi
hosting organization: Eötvös Loránd University
duration: 01.09.2013–01.04.2018